Juice Cleanse 101: How and Why to do a Juice Cleanse

To juice or not to juice??  That is a question that I had pondered...Well recently, as some of you may have seen on social media (if you don’t then do so immediately), I decided to pull the trigger and partake in a 3 day juice cleanse.  Today, I wanted to share my experience with you, and how you can successfully incorporate a juice cleanse into your life.  

Why Do a Juice Cleanse??

So why would someone want to subject themselves to consuming nothing but juice for 3 whole days?  Well, there many reasons would do such a thing, and here are mine

  1. Cleanse My body of toxins 
  2. Relieve the stress on my body of mechanical digestion.
  3. Breaking the habit of poor eating 
  4. Challenge Myself Mentally and Physically 

The time leading up to my juice cleanse were some of the more unhealthy times in my recent memory.  I had been traveling, and attended multiple weddings, and unfortunately, I was unable to stay disciplined during those times.  I knew I needed something to shock the system. I knew I needed something different.


The Nitty Gritty (Details!!)

                         3 Day Cleanse from Suja    

                         3 Day Cleanse from Suja 



When choosing a juice cleanse, there a few different factors to consider:

Is The Juice Organic?

Because it take so much produce to actually yield 12-16 oz of juice, it's very critical that the juice is organic.  Not a good idea to be putting 10 lbs of pesticide laced produce in your body.


Is The Juice Cold Pressed?

Cold pressed juice is pressed without using any mechanical heat.  Thus preserving many of the vital nutrients in the juice itself, and that's very important.  Especially since that's all you will be consuming for the next few days.


What is The Sugar Content of the Juices?

Often times many of the juice cleanse options that you see out there are very high in sugar.  Obviously it's ok so have some sugar content in your juice (you do need the calories), but you want to make sure you're not drinking glorified Sunny Delight here.

How Long Do You Want to Cleanse For?

Typically most cleanses are either 1, 3, or 7 days in length.  Although, there are some juice companies that will let you completely customize the length and type of cleanse you do.  

So once you consider all those factors, you'll know exactly which juice cleanse is for you.  As for me I decided to go with 3 Day Cleanse from Suja Juice.  It checked all the boxes for me, and at around $110, it's reasonably priced as well.  

My Juice Cleanse Experience 


During those 3 days, I kept a journal (part of my normal routine anyway) of my experiences.  So rather than just telling you it was "good", lets take a look at what was going on in my crazy, calorie deprived mind at the time.  Here are my uncut journal ramblings.

Day 1

"1st day was a little rough. Lower energy during mid-afternoon.  Favorite flavor was the first one of the day.  Incredibly thirsty.  Couldn't give up coffee.  Glad I started this."

Day 2

"Much easier today.  Started off w/ MCTs in my coffee.  Gave me good energy.  Had a smoothie after a good workout (really good that is!).  Experience almost feels spiritual in a way.  Mind over matter.  Still incredibly thirsty. Much better energy"


Day 3

"Did fasted cardio this morning.  Definitely made me a little hungrier than yesterday.  Had a sip of my protein shake.  Feeling revitalized. 



As you an see, Day 1 of the juice cleanse was the most difficult.  I was pretty hungry at times and had some very mild headaches.  As a trend however, the juice cleanse became easier to do as I progressed.  Another interesting note was the amount of mental clarity and focus I felt during the cleanse.  As opposed to being tired and fatigued, I was very focused and efficient during my day.


So seeing as this juice cleanse was MY experience, I decided I would make the following modifications to my cleanse.

  1. Caffeine - The protocol for the Suja Cleanse called for no caffeine during the cleanse. Well for the my sake, and the sake of my clients, the answer to that was a resounding "HELL NO".  So I decided to still drink coffee.  Not my full bulletproof recipe, but a modified version w/ only MCTs.
  2. Protein Shakes - The major negative of the Suja cleanse is the lack of protein.  This can be especially tricky for someone with a higher metabolism.  So I ended up adding a protein shake w/ healthy fats that I would sip on throughout the day
  3. Bone Broth - Similar to my reasoning for #2, I added bone broth as part of my breakfast.  Bone both is a really clean way to add protein without adding too many calories to your day.  It is also very easy on the digestive system. 

Those are MY modifications, but that doesn't mean that you have to follow them to a T.   You can add or subtract and make your own protocol that works for you.  They key is to try and be strong, and stay consistent.   

Overall, I would say I had a very good experience with my juice cleanse.  I would highly recommend the Suja 3 Day Juice Cleanse to any one who wants to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle, or simply challenge themselves  to try something new!...Happy Juicing!