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Mindset Monday: Fear is an Illusion

FEAR...It's one of the most powerful emotions we can experience.  It's something that has affected us all at one point or another.  Fear can affect how we think, what we do, and even how we choose to live our lives. 

But I'm here to tell you today that fear is an illusion.   Its something that we perceive to be there, but it often isn't. Be sure, that fear is a formidable opponent.  After reading this today, you will be equipped with a powerful tool to help you face fear head on.  Fear can be defeated.  But the first step, is understanding your opponent.

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How to Train and Maintain Motivation

The truth is, it's not easy to stay motivated 24/7.  We all have our "off days", but there a ways to fight through them.  I consider motivation a skill.  Whether you refer to it as motivation, drive, or hunger, it's something that must be nurtured. And just like any other skill, whether it be learning how to squat or learning how to play an instrument, it can improve. But you have to work at it. You have to want it. You have to TRAIN it....Here's how.

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5 Easy and Effective Steps To Goal Setting

Can a ship reach its port without compass?  Can a runner win the race without a finish line?....The great Jim Rhone said it perfectly.  If where we want to go in life is our destination, then our goals are our direction. When used correctly, goal-setting can be a powerful and life guiding tool.  For me, the moment I started actively goal setting, my life started changing for the better.  Goals are what give our energy focus and keep us on track when we wander astray.  Whether it be fitness, financial, or personal development, goals align our thoughts and give them direction. 

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