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Breaking Down the Myths of Youth Strength Training

Is my child too young to strength train?”..this is a question that every performance coach has heard at one point in time.  It's a question that comes up often. Although I’m not a parent myself, I understand where the concern comes from.  

However, concerns about damaging growth plates, "throwing off your shot" are often inaccurate.  Today I want to demystify some of these concerns and myths, and help set the record straight...It's time to let your kids be strong folks!!

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We Are Destroying America's Youth Athletes

Growing up, playing sports were some of my favorite memories.  I had the most fun,  made my most growth, and made some of my best friends playing sports.  Playing sports itself, is an inherently pure thing...After all, it's just a game. 

But all that has changed. Somewhere along the line, adults screwed it up. Adults decided to get involved and inject themselves the equation.   We decided that WE were the stars of the show.  Well that's great, because we are systematically destroying America's young talented athletes.  And here's how we're doing it. 

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