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Why I Don't Care How High Your Box Jump Is

Recently I saw a video of some kid on Instagram jumping onto a vending machine.  My initial reaction...WHO CARES.

It seems like videos are popping up every day of people showing off their incredible box jumping prowess.  Most people freak out when they see these videos.  For me, it does nothing. Uhh, what Pro-League does he play in again? 

Although it is impressive to see these freak athletes jump this high, there really isn't much application.  And to make matters worse, these video have led to a rash of "Insta-trainers" having their clients attempting this craziness too.  Well I'm here to put an end to it.  Read on to see why we need to stop this madness ASAP.

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Exercise Rescue: Stop with the Box Jumps Already!!

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Exercise Rescue!....No, I won't be screaming, getting in your face, and dropping F-bombs like some of those reality TV show goons.  But hopefully, I'll be dropping some knowledge. I consider this my personal Ignite PSA!!

Working in the fitness industry allows me the opportunity to see a variety of clients and learn about a variety of gym routines and exercises.  What I tend to see, is that there are a number of common exercises that people often do incorrectly.  This series is meant to educate and inform about some of  these common gym errors.  So without further a do, I present to my first exercise....

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