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My Current, 4 Favorite Podcasts

In today's world, where people multi-tasking is a way of life, podcasts are king.  For those of us who have a commute to work, podcasts are an opportunity to learn on the go.  They turn the time normally reserved for useless radio chatter and fake first date updates, into time spent bettering yourself.  But podcasts aren't just reserved for the car.  They are a great way to take advantage of any downtime you may have during your day.  If you haven't started listening to podcasts yet, then I highly suggest you start immediately.  Here are a few of my favorite podcasts.

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3 Things You Should Always Carry in Your Gym Bag

You can tell a lot about someone by whats in their gym prepared they are. What type of exercise program they're on.  How funky their gym shoes are...

Your gym bag is a sign of preparation.  Being prepared for a workout is kid of like being prepared for a test, or a game. The better the prep, the better the result.  This is especially true for people who travel a lot, and live life on the go.  Whether you're at home, or on the road, having these items will prepare you for anything that comes your way.

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3 Effective Ways to Improve Back Posture

Is it me, or is posture getting worse these days?...I might be a little biased, but it seems like a good portion of people I see have what I call "Mr. Burns posture".  If you grew up in the 90's, then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. If not, then please scroll down the page.  Oh that sexy rounded back look!

Tight thoracic spines (upper back)  are everywhere these days. I see them all over the street, and all over the gym.  From little old ladies, to bros that spend too much time on the bench press, its a problem....Well today, that all changes! We are going to dive in and look at why we have this problem, and some exercises to fix it!

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Productivity Hack: Disconnecting From the Grind

For a long time in my life, I would have told you the I believe in that quote, and I still do.  But I never really practiced it.  I'm sure there are many of you out there who are just like I was...  Knowing that disconnecting is beneficial, but not actually putting it into practice.  In the past few years, I've tried to change that.

Recently, I went on my very first camping trip.  It wasn't always easy for me, but needless to say, it opened up my mind.   From the outside perspective, disconnecting can seem like an unproductive, and wasteful use of time.  After all, its all about THE GRIND right?

Well I'm here to tell you that disconnecting is a great use of your time.  It can change your perspective, improve your health, and ultimately make you more productive. 

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Exercise Rescue: Warm-Up to Stay in the Game

Ever started your car on a cold morning, then immediately backed out the driveway, slam on the breaks, and floored it out onto the street?...No? I didn't think so.  So why do that to your body??

Crazy thing is, I see at the gym all the time.  People walk in off the street, and immediately lift a heavy weight.  Not properly prepping your body for your workout is a recipe for disaster.  I realize most people live extremely busy lives, and that gym time is at a premium.  As a trainer, I get it, sometimes you only have 30 minutes for a workout.  So who wants to spend 10 of them warming up?  My hope is, that by reading this, it will become apparent that a dynamic warmup is a MUST HAVE in your fitness program

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4 Things To Do Today That Will Improve Your Health

Health is the key to happiness and success, at least that what I believe.  Our health is the most valuable asset we have, and should be our #1 priority.  It should be valued above all else....It may seem daunting, but being healthier isn't all that complicated.  You don't need some guru on TV to tell you how.  All its takes is small daily action steps, and consistancy over time.  Try these 4 small steps today, and be healthier than you were yesterday! 

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The Great Shroom Experiment, Part II

Welcome back everyone, and thank you for tuning in to the exciting conclusion of The Great Shroom Experiment!! ...In part I, I gave you guys a  little background on dried mushroom powders and showed the results from my initial memory, and cognitive tests.  If you missed Part I, check it out here...In today's post we will be looking at the results from the re-test, the effects of the mushroom powder on my daily performance, and whether or not you should be adding it in your daily routine!

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The Great Shroom Experiment, Part I

Today's post is all about my experiment with shrooms.  Lets get this out of the way, I LOVE shrooms.   But before you guys start questioning my sanity, we're not talking about the psychedelic kind.  No, I'm not talking about the kind that leads you  on a spirit journey to the desert, talking quantum physics to a cactus...I'm talking about the kind that increases focus, improves nerve health, and improves memory.  I'm talking about the 'shrooms that increase performance. 

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Exercise Rescue: Stop with the Box Jumps Already!!

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Exercise Rescue!....No, I won't be screaming, getting in your face, and dropping F-bombs like some of those reality TV show goons.  But hopefully, I'll be dropping some knowledge. I consider this my personal Ignite PSA!!

Working in the fitness industry allows me the opportunity to see a variety of clients and learn about a variety of gym routines and exercises.  What I tend to see, is that there are a number of common exercises that people often do incorrectly.  This series is meant to educate and inform about some of  these common gym errors.  So without further a do, I present to my first exercise....

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How to Train and Maintain Motivation

The truth is, it's not easy to stay motivated 24/7.  We all have our "off days", but there a ways to fight through them.  I consider motivation a skill.  Whether you refer to it as motivation, drive, or hunger, it's something that must be nurtured. And just like any other skill, whether it be learning how to squat or learning how to play an instrument, it can improve. But you have to work at it. You have to want it. You have to TRAIN it....Here's how.

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5 Tactics to Establishing Successful Fitness Habits

Habit is what separates success and failure.    I LOVE the above definition. "Especially one that is hard to give up" says it all... habits are hard to give up.  Good or bad, habits become engrained within you, and define you as a person. The ability to establish good habits will determine how much success you have with fitness.  Establishing good habits is not easy.  It takes work, maintenance, a strong mindset and a little guidance....If only someone wrote a blog post about how to establish good fitness habits. Hmm....

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Productivity Hack: The Pomodoro Timer

Ever find yourself working on a really important project, and then it hits?...

Procrastination...Oh, that dreaded word. It's a word I'm quite familiar with.  In fact I like to call myself, the "King of Procrastination".  Its a lofty, but well earned title.  Procrastination is REAL.  One minute your getting your work done, next minute your caught in deep and dark snapchat vortex.  

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Better Results, Less Time: Why Compound Exercises Work

A wise man once said that change is inevitable...The same can be said for fitness. Over the years, the fitness industry has gone through many different fads and phases. Gone are the days of the miracle fitness contraption that promises profound results with little effort (Shake Weight anyone??).  But one thing that hasn't changed is the value of compound exercises.

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5 Easy and Effective Steps To Goal Setting

Can a ship reach its port without compass?  Can a runner win the race without a finish line?....The great Jim Rhone said it perfectly.  If where we want to go in life is our destination, then our goals are our direction. When used correctly, goal-setting can be a powerful and life guiding tool.  For me, the moment I started actively goal setting, my life started changing for the better.  Goals are what give our energy focus and keep us on track when we wander astray.  Whether it be fitness, financial, or personal development, goals align our thoughts and give them direction. 

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