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Smarter Not Harder: Are You Overtraining?

How many of you have had a stretch where you hit the gym HARD everyday for , and seen minimal results? ...Chances are, you were probably were overtraining. 

Overtraining is a problem....It has gotten worse with the proliferation of high impact, group fitness classes.  The idea that "more is better" and "no days off" is not true when it comes it fitness.  Overtraining can lead to injury and decreased results.  The good news is overtraining is highly preventable. All you have to do is listen to your body, and take these preventative measures. 

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3 Things You Should Always Carry in Your Gym Bag

You can tell a lot about someone by whats in their gym prepared they are. What type of exercise program they're on.  How funky their gym shoes are...

Your gym bag is a sign of preparation.  Being prepared for a workout is kid of like being prepared for a test, or a game. The better the prep, the better the result.  This is especially true for people who travel a lot, and live life on the go.  Whether you're at home, or on the road, having these items will prepare you for anything that comes your way.

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The Great Shroom Experiment, Part II

Welcome back everyone, and thank you for tuning in to the exciting conclusion of The Great Shroom Experiment!! ...In part I, I gave you guys a  little background on dried mushroom powders and showed the results from my initial memory, and cognitive tests.  If you missed Part I, check it out here...In today's post we will be looking at the results from the re-test, the effects of the mushroom powder on my daily performance, and whether or not you should be adding it in your daily routine!

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5 Tactics to Establishing Successful Fitness Habits

Habit is what separates success and failure.    I LOVE the above definition. "Especially one that is hard to give up" says it all... habits are hard to give up.  Good or bad, habits become engrained within you, and define you as a person. The ability to establish good habits will determine how much success you have with fitness.  Establishing good habits is not easy.  It takes work, maintenance, a strong mindset and a little guidance....If only someone wrote a blog post about how to establish good fitness habits. Hmm....

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Better Results, Less Time: Why Compound Exercises Work

A wise man once said that change is inevitable...The same can be said for fitness. Over the years, the fitness industry has gone through many different fads and phases. Gone are the days of the miracle fitness contraption that promises profound results with little effort (Shake Weight anyone??).  But one thing that hasn't changed is the value of compound exercises.

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