Who We Are

Ignite Performance is the story of 3 coaches coming together trying to make a change.  A change to an industry that is diluted with coaches who prioritize their own success over their athletes’.  

At Ignite, we believe in providing  “opportunity”. Whether that be the opportunity to get a scholarhship, make the varsity, or have a shot at getting drafted, our goal is to provide our athletes with the best opportunity possible to achieve their highest dreams.  We put the athlete first.

How We Coach

Our coaching style has been developed, and refined through years of experience, and countless hours of education. We can proudly say that all our coaches are Certified Strength Coaches (CSCS) as well as certified Speed and Agility Coaches (CSAC).

Our training style is distinct in that we take a movement based approach to training our athletes.  While speed, power, and acceleration are staples of our training programs, we recognize that those qualities alone DO NOT make you a great athlete.  

Our coaches have been fortunate enough to train some great athletes. This includes:

  • Helped over 100+ athletes receive NCAA scholarships

  • Over 20 NFL Draft picks

  • Trained the fastest 40 yard dash time (Kevin Snead)

  • 1 Olympic Medalist

  • 3 USA Jr. National Team Members

  • 2 Gatorade AZ Players of the year

  • 2 Elite 11 QB’s

One thing that all these athletes have in common is an edge.  Both physically and mentally. We want to be that edge.

If you put your athlete in our care, we won’t take this lightly.   Thank you for your trust. Thank you for allowing us to be party of your community.