Vertical Jump Training 

Every athlete wants to improve their vert, but few coaches actually know how to do it.  Fancy shoes and simply telling an athlete to "jump higher" rep after rep doesn't get it done.  It takes a knowledge, proper coaching, and a multi-layered approach. 



SIGNIFICANT Knee Valgus Improvement after 3 weeks of training 

SIGNIFICANT Knee Valgus Improvement after 3 weeks of training 

Proper Assessment and Technique

In order to improve your something, you need to know where to start. Including 2 foot jump, 1 foot jump, ground contact jump, and approach jump.

But it doesn't stop there... We analyze at which phase of the jump you are most deficient.  We then attack those deficiencies, improve them, and emphasize jumping technique.


Deceleration Training

One of the most undertrained aspects of athleticism, deceleration...We train your "brakes".  The more force you can absorb, the more force you can put out.  This not only improves jumping, but also in-sport movement   Here are some other benefits of deceleration training:

  • Decreased Risk of injury 
  • Increased Force Absorption
  • Increased Agility 
  • Increased Body Awareness 
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Explosive Strength 

There is no way around it. Increasing strength increases your vert.  But not just any type of strength...explosive strength. The type of strength that transfers to your sport.  This isn't the type of strength that is designed to make an athlete bulky, it's designed to increased power output.