3 Strategies to Help You Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

3 Strategies to Help You Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

As those of you who follow me on social media know, I recently went on an expedition to a part of the country I had never been before.  I was fortunate enough to see things that I had only seen in National Geographic magazines.  Growing up in the city, with a family that rarely traveled, this trip was squarely outside my comfort zone.  In fact, expanding my comfort zone, was the main reason for going on this trip.

But it wasn’t always like that for me.  Like many of you, I was firmly entrenched in box that I created for myself . These boxes can be extremely limiting.  We have to realize that nothing great was ever accomplished in a comfort zone. But to really step outside your comfort zone It takes intent and practice.  Today, I want to share some strategies to help you step outside your comfort zone and start living life with purpose!

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How to Break the Habit Loop

.  Understanding where habits come from is the first step to changing them.  And to understand that, we must understand the habit loop.  The habit loop is the basis behind all habits that we have.  All habits good or bad, are driven by a craving, and follow these 3 steps.

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My 3 Favorite, Perspective Altering Books

I’ll admit it…In high school (and in college if we’re being honest), I absolutely hated reading.  Maybe it was my ignorant youth or simply laziness, but nothing sounded worse than reading for pleasure.

Well fast forward a decade or so, and I consider myself a book connoisseur.  Call me old fashioned, but there is nothing like a good book to stimulate the mind.  A book takes us in places that visual arts simply cannot.  

I consider the following the books some of the most important ones you can read.  They are all entertaining, and all 3 have positively affected my life…Read them and prepare to have you mind blown!

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Baller, Boss, and Bad*** Coach: My Interview w/ Sam Ostarello

One of my goals with Ignite is to become a network and resource for like minded professional.   A resource for coaches and fitness professionals who are doing great work, and pushing the industry forward. ….Today, I share my conversation with Sam Ostarello.  I met Sam earlier this year at the Complete Speed and Power Summit in California, an event put on by Athletes Acceleration. 

Sam is a performance coach based Based out of San Diego.  Sam services primarily athletes and also is a basketball skills trainer.  Sam and her company, Elite Performance  have quickly become one of the go-to names for sports performance training in the area.

In our conversation we explore Sam’s experience traveling the world playing professional basketball, her philosophy on training female athletes, and some of the habits that make her successful…Without further adieu ladies and gentlemen, my conversation with Sam Ostarello!

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How to Become a Better Performer

Ever heard of the term performance coach?..If not, its ok.  It is a relatively new  term. As a performance coach, my objective is to help my clients achieve their goals, and perform at the highest level possible. 

Often times the word “performance” is reserved strictly for high level athletes, but when you think about it, we all have an expectation to “perform” every day.  Whether at work, school, or the gym, we all have certain tasks or roles that we are expected to fulfill.  

In order to perform at your best, you need a strategy.  This can’t be something you haphazardly attempt to do.  You need a plan and I’m here to give it to you.

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Productivity Hack: Disconnecting From the Grind

For a long time in my life, I would have told you the I believe in that quote, and I still do.  But I never really practiced it.  I’m sure there are many of you out there who are just like I was…  Knowing that disconnecting is beneficial, but not actually putting it into practice.  In the past few years, I’ve tried to change that.

Recently, I went on my very first camping trip.  It wasn’t always easy for me, but needless to say, it opened up my mind.   From the outside perspective, disconnecting can seem like an unproductive, and wasteful use of time.  After all, its all about THE GRIND right?

Well I’m here to tell you that disconnecting is a great use of your time.  It can change your perspective, improve your health, and ultimately make you more productive. 

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Mindset Monday: Fear is an Illusion

FEAR…It’s one of the most powerful emotions we can experience.  It’s something that has affected us all at one point or another.  Fear can affect how we think, what we do, and even how we choose to live our lives. 

But I’m here to tell you today that fear is an illusion.   Its something that we perceive to be there, but it often isn’t. Be sure, that fear is a formidable opponent.  After reading this today, you will be equipped with a powerful tool to help you face fear head on.  Fear can be defeated.  But the first step, is understanding your opponent.

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How to Train and Maintain Motivation

The truth is, it’s not easy to stay motivated 24/7.  We all have our “off days”, but there a ways to fight through them.  I consider motivation a skill.  Whether you refer to it as motivation, drive, or hunger, it’s something that must be nurtured. And just like any other skill, whether it be learning how to squat or learning how to play an instrument, it can improve. But you have to work at it. You have to want it. You have to TRAIN it….Here’s how.

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Productivity Hack: The Pomodoro Timer

Ever find yourself working on a really important project, and then it hits?…

Procrastination…Oh, that dreaded word. It’s a word I’m quite familiar with.  In fact I like to call myself, the “King of Procrastination”.  Its a lofty, but well earned title.  Procrastination is REAL.  One minute your getting your work done, next minute your caught in deep and dark snapchat vortex.  

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Better Results, Less Time: Why Compound Exercises Work

A wise man once said that change is inevitable…The same can be said for fitness. Over the years, the fitness industry has gone through many different fads and phases. Gone are the days of the miracle fitness contraption that promises profound results with little effort (Shake Weight anyone??).  But one thing that hasn’t changed is the value of compound exercises.

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