The Great Shroom Experiment, Part I

‚ÄúYou gotta try these shrooms mannnnnn…‚ÄĚ

‚ÄĒ some guy

Today’s post is all about my experiment with shrooms. ¬†Lets get this out of the way, I LOVE shrooms. ¬† But before you guys start questioning my sanity, we’re not talking about the psychedelic kind. ¬†No, I’m not talking about the kind that leads you on a spirit journey to the desert, talking quantum physics to a cactus…I’m talking about the kind that increases focus, improves nerve health, and improves memory. ¬†I’m talking about the ‘shrooms that increase performance.

As a curious person looking to optimize my performance, I am constantly on the hunt for things that give an edge.  Whether it be a mental strategy for productivity, a supplement, or a new exercise intervention, I am open to trying anything (within the legal extent of the law of course!).  My aim is to experiment with these things, and share my results.  So decided to conduct a little experiment with dried mushroom powder.

Full disclosure I am NOT a scientist.  But, I can be a science-ish.  We all can be in fact.

I conducted this experiment for 2 weeks. ¬†I documented my experience, and recorded my results. ¬†Now I here to report my findings back to you guys. ¬†The results were interesting to say the least…

Shroom Background

Has anybody heard of Reishi? How about Corpdiceps and Lion’s Mane?….If not, thats Ok. ¬†Until a few months ago,¬†¬†neither had I.¬† The aforementioned substances are all different types of dried mushrooms. ¬†More specifically, these dried mushroom are all have natural nootropic properties. ¬† Nootropics are basically compounds that help improve cognitive ability. ¬†The dried mushrooms I mentioned,¬†are natural versions of them.

I had heard about dried mushrooms a while back, and my initial reaction was “hmm thats interesting”….But, when I started listening to The Tim Ferris podcast¬†a while back, my interest was piqued even more. ¬†Tim mentioned in one of his sponsored ads that he uses a dried mushroom product ¬†from a nutrition ¬†brand Four Sigmatic. ¬†More specifically, he mentioned a dried mushroom coffee product¬†, that increased his energy and focus. Once I heard that, I knew I had to try it for myself.¬†The next week, during my normal Sunday grocery run, I picked up a packet and decided to give it a go.

I tried the mushroom coffee on 2 separate occasions.  The first time mixed just with water, and the second mixed into my coffee. I noticed increased energy levels and focus in both ways.  As expected, my energy levels and focus were greater when mixed with coffee.  I also noticed that my mind seemed a little shaper and more clear.  Perhaps you could even say I felt a little bit smarter.  But the question at hand, was I actually smarter? THAT is the what I wanted to know.  This is where a test was in order.

Lets Make a Test

After scouring the internet for various tests and cognitive resources I decided on 2 online tests.  These tests effectively functioned as my baseline measurements.

  1. Memtrax– A picture recall test that measures accuracy and response time.
  2. Food For the Brain Cognitive Function Test-  A test that measures your risk of alzheiemers disease through a series of timed cognitive tasks.

I took these 2 tests using my normal coffee routine, which is basically a modified version of  bullet proof coffee.  Here were my results:

Memtrax- taken 1/26/17, 9:45 am

Results: 94%
I consider myself to have a pretty good memory, so I wasn’t too shocked by the results. ¬†I did feel that the test was a little easy, however It did get progressive more difficult.

Food For the Brain- 1/26/17, 9:45 am

Results: 43
Believe it or not, I found this test quite difficult (No, I don’t have Alzheimer’s!). The directions were actually a bit confusing. ¬†The constant clicking and time constraints were a little rough as well. I think the click speed also contributed to a lower score.

Test results in hand, I decided to embark on a quest to see if shrooming would make me smarter. ¬†By now,¬†I’m sure you guys are all wondering a few things…

  1. Did Javi end up becoming a genius?
  2. Does Javi have Alzheimer’s?
  3. Were there any psychedelic episodes?

All these questions, and more will be answered!….Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion of The Great Shroom Experiment!!!


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