The Great Shroom Experiment, Part II

Welcome back everyone, and thank you for tuning in to the exciting conclusion of The Great Shroom Experiment!! …In part I, I gave you guys a ¬†little background on dried mushroom powders and showed the results from my initial memory, and cognitive tests.¬† If you missed Part I, check it out here…In today’s post we will be looking at the results from the re-test,¬†the effects of the mushroom powder on my daily performance, and whether or not you should be adding it in your daily routine!

How it Went Down

                  See, the mane resemblance? 

                  See, the mane resemblance?

There are numerous types of dried mushroom powders available for purchase, and they all claime to have various health benefits. ¬†There’s Reishi, Cordyceps, and even one called Turkey Tail.

But the type of dried mushroom powder I decide to use was Lion’s Mane by Om Mushrooms.¬†¬† I purchased the powder at my local sprouts, but you can also find any their products online. ¬†¬†Lions Mane is touted to help improve memory, focus, and nerve health. ¬†So given the fact that I wanted to see if could become smarter, I decided this was the right ¬†mushroom powder for me. ¬† At about $25 for 50 servings, the price wasn’t too bad either.

My first day using the Lion’s Mane ¬†was January 28th, 2017. ¬†¬†Every day, ¬†I would start my day off with bullet proof coffee, mixed with the powder. ¬†You can also add it to smoothies and other drinks. …Over time, ¬†I altered the coffee ¬†recipe to make the most delicious and brain strengthening mushroom concoction possible. ¬† I will be sharing that recipe for you guys in a separate, recipe post very soon!

Along the way, every day for 2 weeks, I documented my results and my performance in a journal.   Here is what I wrote my first day:

9:00am: So far, so good
9:15 am: Ok this is weird…
9:25 am: Does anyone else see that sunflower dancing over there??
9:32: HELLLPP!!!

Ok,¬†Ok,¬† I’m only kidding. ¬†None of that actually happened…Here is the REAL journal entry from my first day using Lion’s Mane:

Day 1: 1/28/17, 8:30 am-  1st Day of Shroom Mix.  Increased focus and energy

As you can see, nothing too earth shattering. ¬†However, it is just day 1. ¬† What became apparent though, was that as I used the Lion’s Mane powder daily, the effects were amplified:

Day 6: 2/2/17 8:45 am- Noticed Increased Ideas and creativity.  Took on empty  stomach
Day 7: 2/3/17 6:00 am-Noticing increased mood during morning.  Def a trend

The more frequently I began using the Lion’s Mane powder, the effects became more noticeable and more varied. ¬†The biggest differences that I began to notice were increased energy,¬†focus, and mood. ¬†Normally, I would meander into the gym at 6am, looking like an extra on the set of The Walking Dead. ¬†But after a week or so, I was practically skipping my way there…..¬†But the effect that surprised me the most, was the increase in creativity. ¬†I noticed that I was able to think of more comprehensive ideas, and produce content faster.

The Results

Memtrax- taken 2/09/17, 10:00 am

Results: 98%,
Previous score: 94%
Uhh, my score actually increased?…Yep. ¬†My score increased by 4% in 2 weeks.¬†¬†I mainly attribute that to increased concentration and increased click speed. In fact, my reaction time even decreased!

Food For the Brain- 1/26/17, 9:45 am

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 10.44.09 AM.png

Results: 56
Previous score: 48
Once again, I noticed a significant improvement in my score.  Some of that improvement I attribute to understanding th questions on the test a little bit better.  But once again, I notice an increase in my reaction and concentration.

The Verdict

Well, I’d say the numbers speak for themselves. ¬†Was this experiment highly scientific? No. ¬†There were a number of factors that could’ve aided my improvements, but we won’t get into all those here. ¬†But, the numbers are the numbers, and I believe in the product.¬†¬†I significantly improved in both tests, and and noticed an improvement in my everyday performance. ¬†¬†The best thing of all, I had absolutely ZERO adverse side effects (including hallucinations). ¬† In fact, the more I used the Lion’s Mane, the better I felt. ¬† Who knows If these effects will be long lasting, but at such a reasonable cost, this is something I may continue long term.

Are Mushrooms for YOU?

Now, that we know my experience and results from the Great Shroom Experiment , the question you may be asking yourself ¬†is, “Are dried mushrooms powders for me?”.

Well I think that depends on what the tasks and demands of your life.¬†¬†If you have a job that requires periods of intense focus, then I would say, hell yeah! ¬†The ability to “lock in” and focus while working on the job, or at home is a crucial skill. ¬†I believe that Lion’s Mane can definitely help with that. ¬† So if your an entrepeneur, a college student, or simply someone who wants to perform at their best, then I would highly recommend that you start shroomin today!!

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