Patience and Perseverance: My Interview w/ Preston Hale

Welcome back for another Ignite Interview!  Today I interview another up and coming performer in the world of fitness and performance training.

I share my conversation with Preston Hale, III.  Preston is a performance coach based out of Chandler, AZ.  Preston trains primarily athletes, with a special emphasis on developing defensive backs in American football.  Preston uses his experience as a college athlete, and knowledge as a coach to provide very unique and high level training. He breaks down football movement like few can.

Preston has taken a unique road to get where he’s at, and is an example of perseverance. ¬†He is also one of the most avid learners I know. ¬†In our conversation we cover Preston’s keys to success, his training philosophy, and how to handle the fear of making a career switch. ¬†Enjoy!

What’s Your Why?

Javi:  What made you want to become a performance coach?

Preston:  Being a former athlete and trying to give people everything I never had as an athlete. I always had a love for the weight room.  I wanted to provide high class training for people that might not be A-listers.  Give the under dogs a chance.  I myself am an underdog.  I stated at a community college and worked my way to D-1.

Javi:  Who do you primarily service?

Preston:¬†High School, through pro athletes. ¬†Primarily football at first, but I’ve branched out to cover more sports.

Javi: What’s your training philosophy?

Preston:  Emphasis on spinal mechanics.  Everything comes from posture.  Everything comes from the core.  Can you maintain your posture through movement. Making athletes mobile, yet strong enough to maintain spinal mechanics.

Perseverance and Relationships

Javi: So you started outing a different career path right?

Preston: Yeah I started in Criminal justice. Graduated w/ a criminal justice degree.  The day after I graduated, I went to fisher sports and trained with Will Sullivan and Brett Fischer at Fishcher Sports in Phoenix.

Javi:  What motivated you to make the switch?

Preston:¬†A year before I graduated, one of my teammates came up to me and asked me to train him. ¬†I said‚ÄĚ I don‚Äôt know anything about training‚ÄĚ. ¬†But he said, “Yes you do. I see how you work in the weight room”. ¬†He believed in me and saw something in me. ¬†He decided to give me a shot. ¬†It was hard for me to let sports go, so I decided I wanted to help people get there.

Javi: What advice do you have for anyone who wants to switch careers?

Preston: Understand that its a process, and it doesn’t come overnight. Stick with it.  For people that are scared, intern and make sure you have a support system.  Make it about the learning process, and giving back.

Javi:¬†What’s one habit that makes you successful?

Preston:¬†Being a pool. ¬†Never being too prideful to learn. ¬†Not comparing myself to other people. ¬†There’s always more to learn.

Javi:¬†What’s book(s) are you currently reading?

Preston: Supple Leopard, by Kelly Starrett, which is one of the best books out there on training, and How to win friends and Influence people.  It talks about building relationships.  In this industry its all about building life long relationship relationships.  We play mom, dad, psychologist.  We have to put them in the right situations to succeed.  Word of mouth is the best way to market.

Javi:¬† Well P, it’s been a pleasure. ¬†Thank you for your time. ¬†Where can people reach you?

Preston:¬†Of course! ¬†My email address is [email protected]¬†and you can find me on Instagram at p_hale3.

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